Last Dance:

And a Loving Mother

Last Dance is a gripping story of how a loving family deals with many great successes life has to offer, but also how a family deals with some significant tragedies.

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Stephen Manning

Stephen is the loving husband of Mary Ann Manning and takes great pride in the wonderful story he wrote about his lovely wife, Last Dance: And a Loving Mother. Stephen’s original intent of writing this book was to leave a legacy for their children and their children’s children. The story of Mary Ann traces their early life together. How they met, married and raised their four children. Important in that story is how Mary Ann developed into a Loving Mother to our children and helped instill the power of family in all of us. While Mary Ann was able to hold in her arms our first grandchild, Jeremy Ryan, before she passed, she now has to look down from heaven along with our youngest son Kyle Raymond to enjoy our four other grandchildren: Parker William, Decklyn Marie, Weston Kyle and Kallen Lee.

It took e a number of years for Stephen to get through the grief of losing Mary Ann before he could write this story, but he is glad he was able to take on this labor of love for Mary Ann. This is his first book but probably not his last. There are so many interesting stories within this book that he would like to expand on further, maybe in a series of short stories or additional novels. Please enjoy the story of Mary Ann and her Last Dance with Ryan at his wedding.

Last Dance: And a Loving Mother Paperback – June 1 2020

by Mr Stephen Raymond Manning (Author)

Quick Overview

Last Dance is a gripping story of how a loving family deals with many great successes life has to offer, but also how a family deals with some significant tragedies. Including the loss of a son and the devastating effects of breast cancer on our Loving Mother.

It's a wonderful journey through the development of a family and a strong influence on that family by a 'Loving Mother'. Mary Ann's final dance with her son at his wedding was a tribute to her strength and will power to get to that dance floor. Mary Ann lost her fight with breast cancer just 72 hours later of that precious moment that went viral on YouTube and was titled 'Mother's Last Dance'.

If you google Mary Ann Manning's Last Dance you will see wonderful videos of her dance, and a great very well done online article by, and a live TV interview with Mary Ann's surviving children by KUTV only a few days after her passing. All of these events went viral on the internet and the family received unbelievable notes of support for her and the family from around the world. These wonderful loving messages helped us all get through the great tragedy of Mary Ann's loss.

I am now publishing the book on who Mary Ann was, and how she became a 'Loving Mother'. More importantly, how her legacy will live throughout our family development.

Through this book, all of our children, and our grandchildren, and our great-grandchildren will know how the great sense of family started with our 'Loving Mother', Mary Ann, Lesin, Manning. God bless you sweetheart, I hope my story did you justice.

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Mom's last dance with son at his wedding 'most beautiful thing' to her kids

Mary Ann Manning fulfilled her dying wish to dance with her son, Ryan, at his Sept. 5 wedding.